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At Ensemble of Elan, we discuss all things fashion.

From gushing over metallic loafers to taking a hard look at the prevalence of cultural appropriation in fashion, we don’t shy away from any of it.

We want to start a conversation about fashion, and that means inviting others to take part in it as well. We love collaborating with others who have something to say because we want this to be a platform where everyone can feel free to say what’s on their mind.

Fashion is our creative outlet, our passion, and ultimately our career goal.

We hope our perspective inspires and intrigues you, and if you want to take part in our journey to dress with purpose, we would love nothing more than to hear from you!

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I’ve always loved to create, whether it be painting, drawing, photography or films. But there is invariably something about fashion that is a different kind of creation.  

It has the utility and ability to transform a part of ourselves, our personalities, and share it with others. 

Fashion is art that we wear every day and live our lives in.

When I was a kid, I grew up in Goodwill and I love to completely reconstruct and refashion pieces. Thrift shopping developed a love for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Wear what you love and dress to suit who you are.  

Fashion is a chance to share the beauty you love with the world just by wearing it in your every day life. 

With this blog I hope I can inspire and embolden you to be who you really are. 

Hannah Lewter

Goodwill Street Style


I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember.

As someone who was the “shy kid” growing up, fashion served as the one way I felt I could freely express myself.

We started Ensemble of Elan to share with you our creativity, our individuality, and most of all, our lifelong passion.


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We hope our blog inspires you to chase after your crazy dreams—

and look stylish doing it.

Sabrina Runge

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Hannah Lewter &

Sabrina Runge