Chiara Ferragni-Inspired Style

The Brunette Salad: Making a Style Icon Accessible

_MG_8277If you know anything about anything in fashion, you know who Chiara Ferragni is.

But, if you are a fashion novice, it’s essentially our civic duty to fill you in. Chiara Ferragni started the world’s most popular fashion blog, The Blonde Salad, and over the past eight years, turned it into a fashion empire (Harvard Business Review even did a case study on her success story!). She also started her own Chiara Ferragni collection and boasts over ten million followers on Instagram.

Basically, she is blogging badass #1. As such, her eccentric sense of style can feel a little out of reach for us normies. But as your resident fashion gurus, we are here to help you appreciate her sense of style and even make it your own.



Let me start by saying that until about six months ago, I did not really care for Chiara Ferragni’s sense of style. I thought her looks were strange, and I did not understand how she gained millions of dedicated followers. But then we started this blog, and everything changed. Having to put together intriguing outfits on a daily basis has pushed my creativity beyond my wildest dreams, and it was then, and only then, that I could truly begin to appreciate Chiara’s sense of style. (And now she is my fashion muse.)

I love Chiara because she puts pieces together that should not work, but she makes them work. She is willing to take some daring fashion risks, and honestly, they don’t always pay off! But that makes me love her even more because she is willing to go that far outside the box and put in the effort to constantly evolve her style. And when her outfits do work (which is like 98% of the time), they absolutely blow me away.

When I’m looking for fresh outfit inspiration, I usually go to her Instagram feed instead of browsing Pinterest. When I’m out shopping for new clothes or putting together outfits in front of my mirror, I ask myself, “Would Chiara buy this?” or “How would Chiara style this?”. The key to putting yourself in this mindset to not try to copy her looks exactly. Just look for specific elements that she frequently wears, like I did with these platform sneakers, a sheer top, and a mini skirt. Chiara is all about getting creative, so it would be a disservice to everything she stands for if you simply recreated one of her looks. Choose an element (or two or three), put your own spin on it, and run with it!




I have a confession. I am currently obsessed with turning shirts and dress backwards. Weird, right? Well, that’s exactly what I did to this dress. I found this velvet, vintage dress at Goodwill and loved the beautiful colors, but I hated the neckline. As I was trying on this dress at home, inspiration suddenly struck, so I turned the dress around and unzipped the zipper a bit to make it a bit more sexy like Chiara’s style, and viola! It was like an entirely new dress with a different neckline!

I’ve always loved thinking outside of the box when it comes to fashion, which is why I’m so inspired by Chiara Ferragni’s style! Her eccentric, weird outfits get my creative juices flowing because she puts so many odd elements together that normally wouldn’t go together, but they always somehow complement each other.


Being daring in your style takes bravery, and Chiara Ferragni is the epitome of that. She is never afraid to wear outrageous, crazy pieces, but she ties it all together through her styling. I chose to be a little more weird with my styling by doing space buns and going for a pair of mule loafers instead of heels (which is hard for me because I love heels with dresses!). What I’ve learned from Chiara Ferragni’s style is that it’s okay to dress sexy and wear whatever the hell you want.

Sometimes we forget that everyday you get to choose how you present yourself to the world, so rock those silver metallic loafers or that completely see-through dress. When it comes to style, just be yourself.


“My secret has always been to be true to myself.”

-Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni-Inspired Style

Sabrina’s Wearing:

| TJ Maxx Sheer Pearled Top (similar) | H&M Denim Mini Skirt | Target Blush Velvet Sneakers (similar) | Daisy Chain Geometric Sunglasses (similar) | Goodwill Colorblocked Purse (similar) | Target Eye Shaped Earrings (similar) |

Hannah’s Wearing:

| Goodwill Velvet Dress | Monroe Embroidered Mules (similar) | Goodwill White Clutch (similar) | Amazon Artsy Earrings | Eyeglass Direct Sunglasses (similar) | Lulu’s Gold Necklace |

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13 thoughts on “The Brunette Salad: Making a Style Icon Accessible”

  1. Can I ask a question that’s somewhat off topic? Where do people keen on fashion keep all their clothes? Are classic wardrobes enough? I’m trying to imagine the size of your wardrobe and finding it quite difficult. I’m a hat guy and have about 12 hats and space is already becoming a problem.

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    1. Honestly, it’s tough! We each have walk-in closets, use thin, space-saving velvet hangers, and clean out our closets every season to help create more space. Regularly cleaning out your closet of pieces you don’t wear is key!

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      1. Do your hats need to be enclosed at all times? If so, I don’t personally know of any alternatives. But if not, you could purchase an over-the-door hat rack! I apologize; we don’t wear many hats, so we’re not as familiar with that kind of storage!

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      2. Over-the-door hat rack! Never heard of such a thing but sounds promising. Perhaps there is one that drops the right hat for the occasion straight on one’s head as one opens the door to go out.


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