Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Us

We really try to put ourselves out there with this blog, but it’s impossible to share absolutely everything about ourselves and still make it align with our creative vision. So for all of our loyal followers, we thought we’d share some insight so all of you can get to know us a little better on a personal level!


If you didn’t already know, I have three sisters who are twenty-three, nine, and five years old (the estrogennnnnn- I know). Although I’m such a city girl, I love to go camping and hiking; my favorite smell is actually pine trees, I cannot get enough of it! Even though I don’t show it in most of my photos, I wear glasses so I can see the board in class and drive without killing myself and others. My favorite drink is Cream Soda, and my favorite candy is literally anything sour (but best of all is Juicy Drops, a rare gem found at only the most elite gas stations).






I do not have a dog of my own, but I have become Max’s Godmother over the years, so he is basically my own.

And to get a little bit more personal, I never thought I had the skills or the determination to run a fashion blog, be a fashion photographer, or put on a freaking fashion show, but I’m glad I learned that about myself through Ensemble of Elan.

I’m excited to see the other things we’ll learn along the way.




Aside from this blog post, if you go back through all of our previous ones, you will notice that I almost NEVER wear necklaces. I think I literally own three necklaces: one silver, one gold, one rose gold. I’m a clothing maximalist, but definitely more of a jewelry minimalist.

This was one of my absolute favorite shoots because I got to do it with my favorite little potato. Many of you have seen Max featured on our Instagram page, and some of you were lucky enough to meet him at our model fittings for the fashion show. If you are confused as to why we call him Glarf, it’s because when my boyfriend and I first adopted him, he had severe heartworms and would make this noise that sounded like “glarf.” The name stuck because of how well it matched his personality, and now we call him Glarf, Glarf-tato, Glarfity, what have you. (You would just have to meet him to understand his Glarfiness.)




Last but not least, when I’m not shopping, styling people, or studying (which I should definitely be doing right now), you can find me planning elaborate future vacations down to the most minute details, cozying up on the sofa watching any TV show created by bonafide genius Michael Schur (Parks & Rec, Brooklyn 99, The Office), or stalking my personal idols, Karlie Kloss and Gal Gadot, on Instagram.





One last thing that most people don’t know is that we almost always take our own photos for the posts! Unless you see “Photography by __________”, we did all of those photos ourselves. 😉

Hannah’s Wearing:

| TJ Maxx Ruffle Sleeve Sweater (similar) | Dillards Suede Mini Skirt (similar) | Old Navy Sherpa Bomber Jacket | Target Patent Oxfords | Goodwill Mini Backpack (similar) | Old Navy Earrings (similar) | Old Navy Layered Necklace (similar) |

Sabrina’s Wearing:

| Forever 21 Pinstripe Overalls | Forever 21 Off-the-Shoulder Sweater (similar) | Target Newsboy Cap | Karl Lagerfeld Lace Up Block Heels (similar) | Forever 21 Metallic Choker | Forever 21 Bar Ear Jackets | Amazon Floral Embroidered Purse |

How to Dress Like a Fashion Blogger

Have you ever wondered how fashion bloggers manage to look a cut above the rest when it comes to everyday style?

We as bloggers do have a carefully honed ability to put together intriguing outfits, but there are a few easy secrets that you can also use to make yourself look and feel like a street style star.


Look for pieces that are ‘funky’.

Instead of searching for yet another pair of basic blue jeans or run-of-the-mill black booties the next time you’re out shopping, look for pieces that have some character. Buy jeans that have embroidery on the hip, or look for eye-catching white ankle boots to give your outfits more visual intrigue.


Never wear the same outfit twice.

Fashion bloggers look as though they are always wearing something new, but in reality, we are just good at mixing and matching our clothes to make them feel fresh. If you have a favorite statement sleeve top, don’t wear the same bottoms or accessories with it every time. Try out new combinations and mix it up!


Add something.

Coco Chanel used to say, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” We are going to have to disagree. To make your outfits look ‘Instagram-worthy,’ you have to add something to your basic outfit formula. Top off your jeans and a tee outfit or your favorite LBD with a cozy cardigan, a pair of statement earrings, or some futuristic sunglasses.


Always put in effort.

No matter if you’re going to your 8 am class or making a quick trip to the grocery store, always put in a little effort. Not a lot, but a little. Instead of throwing on a headband and wearing baggy sweatpants, quickly put your hair in a braid, pair some track pants with a soft t-shirt, and swipe on some tinted lip balm.


Clean out your closet.

It’s difficult to create great outfits if you are still hanging on to a bunch of pieces that you don’t love/don’t fit well. Donate every piece of clothing you haven’t worn in the last year, and at the end of it, you’ll find that it’s much easier to throw something amazing together when you love everything in your closet.


The main thing to remember is that you need to push yourself creatively.

Look for inspiration everywhere: Pinterest, Instagram, people walking down the street! Try everything; you never know what top with what skirt could surprise you. And finally, just have fun with it!



Sabrina’s Wearing:

| H&M Mesh Dress | H&M Knit CardiganMIA White Ankle Boots (similar) | Express Statement Earrings (similar) | Aldo Sunglasses (similar) | Goodwill Black Purse (similar)|

Hannah’s Wearing:

| Banana Republic Statement Sleeve Top (similar) | Forever 21 Patent Leather SkirtGoodwill Blazer (similar) | Target Embroidered PurseLulu’s Embroidered Ankle Boots (similar) |Lively Black Bralette |


The Best Place to Find Chic, Affordable Office Wear


As someone who has spent most of their life thrifting, investing in high quality pieces can come with some personal challenges because the prices are usually quite a bit higher than what I’m used to. I was apprehensive when we went shopping at the Banana Republic Factory Store because this brand is known for quality clothing and slightly more expensive prices. I told myself to tread carefully because I didn’t want to end up spending my entire paycheck on a pair of pants!

Yet, I was happily surprised to find that almost everything in the store was 40% off, including the clearance section (my fave), which made their clothes very affordable. I loaded up my arms with at least twenty pieces before heading to the dressing room, so obviously I loved their sense of style. It was incredibly hard to narrow it down because they had so many cute pieces, but in the end, I decided to go for a sleek pair of gray, patterned pants, a white blouse with statement sleeves, and another plum and black lace top!


I was able to get all of these pieces for $100, which may sound like a lot to my fellow thrifters, but if you consider how long these pieces are going to remain in good shape and in style, it’s really quite the bargain!




The #1 question I get asked by fans is: “Where is the best place to find chic, affordable clothes for the office?” I have several places in mind that I usually tell them, but one of my new favorites is the Banana Republic Factory Store. Here, you can find all the same high-quality pieces you’ve come to know and love from Banana Republic, but you can get them at a fraction of the original cost (and you know how fond we are of that!).

I think it’s smart that Banana Republic tends to stick to fairly classic styles and silhouettes, but throws in some trendy details, like statement sleeves, open shoulders, and fun floral prints. This makes it easy to find pieces that will be in style for years, but still feel modern and fresh!


While we were shopping here, I found so many tops and pairs of pants I wanted to buy, but it was love at first sight when I put on this dress, purse, and sunglasses. The versatility of this dress drew me to it because I can pair it with loafers in the summertime, and throw on a pair of ankle boots and a cardigan for the colder months. I still cannot believe I got this entire outfit for $100, and I know these staple pieces are going to serve me well for years to come.



We will be hosting the Friends & Family event with Banana Republic this Saturday (the 19th) at their Little Rock Outlet location, where you can get 40% off your entire purchase and enjoy some complimentary styling assistance from us!

We hope to see you there and can’t wait to help you look and feel your best!

Banana Republic Work Outfits