Pink + Red: How to Rock Clashing Colors



Hello lovelies!

Spring has officially sprung, and we are loving the fresh color combinations that are blooming this season.

As you can probably tell, one of our favorite color combos is pink + red.


ensembleofelan-03542A year ago–hell, even a couple months ago–if you had asked either one of us what we thought about a pink and red outfit, we probably would have encouraged you go with either pink OR red and add some neutrals to keep your look balanced and not over-the-top. (Sorry, went into stylist mode for a second.)

But now, we are kind of loving looks that are over-the-top.

When paired together, pink and red clash in a way that’s somehow charming and delightful. Especially when it’s a red jumpsuit paired with a pink blazer or vice versa. (Can you believe we found every one of these pieces at Goodwill?!)




If you want to try out this trend for yourself, our advice is to grab all of the pink and red pieces in your closet and lay them out on your bed

Try out different combinations of pieces and don’t get caught up in whether or not they match–they are not supposed to!




If the clash bothers you too much, add another pink or red piece in a different shade (like Hannah’s beret).

It sounds counterintuitive to add yet another clashing piece, but having three clashing shades together can actually give you that cohesion you are looking for.

We would love to see some of your pink and red outfits, so please feel free tag us in them on Facebook or Instagram!


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Photos by: Daniel Nansel

Editing by: Hannah Lewter

Fall Pants: Beyond the Skinny Jean

Quick poll: When you think of ‘fall pants’, what is the first item in your closet that comes to mind?

…Skinny jeans?

If that was your answer, we want to demonstrate how you can unleash the full potential fall fashion has to offer by looking beyond the skinny jean.


I love a good pair of skinny jeans as much as the next girl, but I’m honestly happy the fashion world is shifting focus away from this style for the time being. You may have noticed that the majority of fashion it girls only sparingly post photos of skinny jeans, even in their downtime. They moreso post shots of vintage-inspired jeans, trousers, and track pants.


For this shoot, I paired my favorite track pants with this funky button-down from Goodwill (I’m pretty hung up on those eye-shaped buttons) and a pair of black pumps with a metallic heel. I could have just as easily worn a pair of skinny jeans with this look, but track pants make this look feel fresh, instead of something I’ve worn literally hundreds of times.


This fall, don’t confine yourself to the box of strictly wearing skinny jeans with your cold-weather favorites. Wear your trousers with chunky sweaters and leather jackets. Wear your favorite pair of vintage jeans with an off-the-shoulder top. Or, as I did, wear track pants with your favorite button down and heels for a sporty twist on a classic look.



It’s the rise of the high rise trousers this year! Only a year ago, you probably would have found me in black skinny jeans, booties, and a sweater nearly every day. This fall I decided I wanted to challenge myself to be more versatile in my wardrobe and not remain in my comfort zone.

This ensemble was inspired by my favorite blogger, Mary Lee (formerly Mary Seng) of Happily Grey. She recently wore an off-the-shoulder knit sweater with long fringe hanging off the sleeves and a high-waisted, gingham trouser. I took this inspiration and added my own twist with an aztec scarf and maroon accessories. It’s probably no surprise that I have been fawning over her ‘tomboy chic’ style–with its menswear-inspired details and straight leg trousers–all season.



If you want to rock your own version of this look, take these tips on high-waisted pants to heart. First off, never fear the crop. A structured black crop top with a pair of high-waisted pants is flattering on most body types! Second, to make your outfit look more finished, throw a cropped jacket or vintage blazer over your shoulders. And lastly, I’ll leave you with the holy grail of high-waisted pant styling tips: tuck in your shirt!



Hannah’s Wearing:

| Goodwill Sweater (similar) | Goodwill High-Waisted Trousers (similar) | Target Aztec Scarf (similar) | Gifted Red Crossbody Purse (similar) | Target Earrings (similar) |


Sabrina’s Wearing:

| Goodwill Vintage Button Down (similar) | Forever 21 Track Pants (similar)Amazon Quilted Velvet Crossbody Purse |Amazon Circular Yellow Sunglasses |Amazon Vintage Metal Face Earrings| Steve Madden Gold Heel Pumps (similar) |  



Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, for which we will receive a small commission if you click on our link and buy a clothing or accessory item. Our opinions on those pieces are always our own! ❤

Freedom Lies in Being Bold

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

– Neale Donald Walsch

DSC_2354 2They say it’s hardest to see what is right in front of you.

We ourselves did not see how much our sense of style was growing and evolving until we looked back at the photographs from some of our first shoots.

Our style is nearly unrecognizable from even a year ago, and that’s pretty incredible.

DSC_2468 2




Until just a couple months ago, I was stuck in a phase for a long time where I only liked neutrals and basics. They worked, and I knew they looked chic, so it was difficult to break out of that mold. I turned to neutrals because before that, I didn’t really have a ‘style.’ I chose clothes on a whim without thinking about how they would fit in with the rest of my wardrobe. I kind of collected an assortment of pretty clothes with no idea as to what my sense of style was supposed to be.

I’ve loved fashion for my entire life, but it’s taken me almost my entire life thus far to truly figure out my identity in it.

I think everyone goes through those phases in their chosen craft: trying out a whole bunch of random things to see what ‘clicks’, narrowing down those choices in an attempt to make everything appear cohesive, and finally, cultivating some originality and through that, branching out and trying things that are bold and risky.

If you had told me even a year ago that I would be fawning over a floral, embroidered mesh top, I probably would have laughed. I would have never bought this top a year ago because the old me would have thought it was too flashy. But the new me wants to wear it literally every single day.


DSC_2457 2 (1)

People are afraid of being bold in their choices because they’re scared that other people may not like those choices. They’re afraid of indulging in the edgier sides of their passions for fear of what other people might think.

We used to be those people.

We used to care what comments people made, or didn’t make, but thought to themselves.

Yet, we’re a lot happier now that we honestly don’t give a damn what other people think of us or our outfits.

DSC_2295 2

DSC_2422 2



I knew what I was supposed to do, but I didn’t know how I was going to do it.

I was scared.

For so long, I wrestled with what my major was going to be. I tried out environmental science and journalism at first, in an attempt to be “practical,” and then turned to digital filmmaking because it seemed like a good compromise between practicality and artistry. I liked them all, but none of them ever lit a fire inside of me.

It was time to be bold and do what I was meant to do– the arts.

I jumped in headfirst and took four art classes this semester, and they have opened my eyes as a creator. When I see a garment hanging on a rack at Goodwill, my mind races through the different ways I could reinvent it to make it fresh and stylish, and my heart races with anticipation to get to work on it. I don’t think I could have (or would have) done that with an environmental science degree.

In art, we are always looking for a way to communicate a message through colors, emotion, and lines– and that describes fashion to a tee. When I was bold in my decision to go after my passion and my craft, I became more myself than ever. And my style reflected that as I began to purchase daring pieces. As I became more adventurous in my art, I also became fearless in my style. I would have never worn a mesh top and overalls even just a few months ago!

So, take that job, move to L.A., wear that dress. Be courageous and go after your desires.


Making bold choices is obviously a risk, and sometimes it doesn’t pay off.

Just yesterday, we were talking about how we would like to scrap/change some of the old outfits we’ve worn for shoots! Disliking some the chances you took is part of it. If you don’t take those chances, you are never going to end up with something that takes your breath away. You have to be willing to be bold and put yourself out there if you ever want to get past a plateau.

For us, that plateau was sticking to fashion that was safe.

For you, it might be grinding away at the same sales job without ever actually increasing your commission, or yielding the same results from a research experiment over and over again. If you’re stuck somewhere like that, know that you don’t have to be there forever.

You just have to try something new, or even think about something old in a new way. Change is hard and change is messy, but change is worth it. Step out of your comfort zone, and you would not believe the incredible things you can achieve.

DSC_2332 2

“Enjoy being bold, and if that is scary at first, marvel at your ability to walk through fear.”
-Rivka Solomon
DSC_2366 2
Sabrina’s Outfit Details
Mesh Top: Zara
White Button Down: Express
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Antonio Melani
Earrings: Badgley Mischka
Sunglasses TJ Maxx
Rings: Unknown
Hannah’s Outfit Details:
Top: Forever 21
Overalls: Forever 21
Shoes: Marc Fisher
Brallette: Victoria’s Secret
Earrings: HipSway
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx
Photos by Demetrius McCullough